Services Setup/Cleanup Scheduling Form

*** Before Services ***
Coffee pot setup: fill 10 cups water, 10 tbsp coffee, plug in
Set 1st,3rd,4th,5th row chairs 3 per row (2nd row 2 chairs)
Water outside plant on ramp
Put out snacks, sweeteners, creamer, spoons, mugs
Winter: set A/Cs to 72 deg, heat summer: set A/Cs to 72 deg, cool
Check bathroom for toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap turn on vent fan/light
Service table: replace burnt candles with fresh ones, put out squeeze butane lighter & matches
Sweep handicap ramp outside, broom in bathroom closet
Turn on guest book computer, greet visitors as they arrive, enter their info, make name tags as needed, and hand out name tags for existing members
Winter: turn on heater in RE room summer: turn on A/C in RE room after services
*** After Services ***
Pick up dirty dishes, wash/dry/put away as needed, take dirty cloth napkins home to wash
Winter: set A/Cs to 65 deg, econ mode summer: set A/Cs to 78 deg, econ mode
Coffee pot cleanup: empty, rinse, unplug
Clean bathroom as needed, turn off vent fan/light
Make sure RE room door is yes slightly open for air
Turn off guest book computer, collect name tags, thank visitors for attending, and invite their return
Winter: turn off heater in RE room summer: turn off A/C in RE room
Sweep/mop/vacuum floors as needed
Turn out lights
Empty full trash and recycling bins, take trash home and recycle items (we have no garbage pickup/recycling)
Potlucks only: put out tables and chairs, stage dishes/silverware/glasses/napkins in the serving area, put out cold drinks
Empty flower vases
Winter: turn off heater in RE room summer: turn off A/C in RE room