Unitarian Universalist
Fellowship of Lafayette, La
We are a Welcoming Congregation

Game Night

Okay so this is our night to either kick up our heels, or throw the dice, become an actor in charades or throw away your money depending on how the cards fallInline image ...... but for sure it is a night of lots of laughter and raucous fellowship ! If it's been one of those months where you just need to let go, have a good belly laugh to release some stress, or wanting to expand your horizons and learn a new game this is the night for you. Don't be shy even if you are not a game player or don't know the particular game we are playing that night ..... We are an easy group to teach you and the more we drink up the less we care about who is winning ...... this is not a night you will want to miss.
Updated 8/29/2017