Please join us this Sunday morning as we welcome Jarrod Roy, Yoga practitioner and co-owner of The Yoga Garden in Lafayette, LA.  Jarrod will share with us his journey to yoga that speaks to our desire for wholeness.
As Unitarian Universalists we moved away from the need for salvation as we left behind the idea of original sin. The Rev. Thomas Starr King, a Universalist minister, said in 1848 when he agreed to become the minister of the Hollis Street Unitarian Church in Boston, “The one [Universalists] thinks God is too good to damn them forever, the other [Unitarians] thinks they are too good to be damned forever.” Universal salvation was the Gospel of Universalism, its good news.

As UUs, how do we approach the idea of salvation/wholeness? And how do we manifest wholeness in our lives?
Jarrod Roy began his yoga practice in 2010, as part of a lifestyle change to remedy stress, chronic pain and physical ailments.  In an effort to deepen his yoga practice and to quench his thirst for knowledge of yogic philosophy, Jarrod enrolled in Zingara Yoga: a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Hatha Teacher Training program, led by Rachel Hector and Ana Pilar Cruz. Under the tutelage of Cruz and Hector, Jarrod immersed himself in the studies of asana, pranayama, mantra, and meditation, with a concentration in the vini yoga tradition - which focuses on adapting yoga practices to the individual body, with concerns for potential student's  limitations and injuries.  In June of 2015, Jarrod graduated from Zingara Yoga with a passion to share his knowledge with others, especially to those who might find yoga unaccessible.  

In August of 2015, Jarrod met owner of Yoga Garden, Gretchen Kaltenbach.  He immediately gravitated to her work ethic and true passion to serve others,  seeing her as a teacher to learn from in the aspects of business and more importantly, life.  As time passed on, both Jarrod and Gretchen discovered they shared the same vision for what they wanted Yoga Garden to become, and in January 2016, Jarrod was made part owner of the studio.
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