Caring of the Soul
read by Chris Menard

This Sunday's sermon is 'Care of the Soul' by Rev. Wayne B. Arnason

Psychotherapist Thomas Moore suggests that the word 'soul' is a "quality or dimension of experiencing life and ourselves. It has to do with depth, value, relatedness, heart, and personal substance" Moore goes on to compare care of the soul to keeping "an eye on a herd of sheep or whatever is wandering or grazing." Which -- to us -- might be "the latest addiction, a striking dream, or a troubling mood." 'Care of the soul then is an observance and honoring of the signposts, the scenery, the obstacles and companions of your inner journey...All of us know that our lives, our values, our sense of being at home in the world have been created not only by our intellectual encounter with the world, but by our experiences of joy at connectedness, of anger at injustices, and of wonder at overwhelming beauty, experiences that can all be wordless and ineffable. Soul is the place where all these experiences meet together with our ideas and our collective unconscious in order to prepare the spiritual feast that is life's greatest gift. ''