McComb-Veazey Coterie
Please join us this Sunday mornng, July 14, as we welcome Tina Shelvin Bingham, Excecutive Vice President of the McComb-Veazey Coterie, to the Fellowship.  Ms. Bingham will share with us the mission and vision of the McComb-Veazey community where we meet as a Fellowship each week.  Under her leadership, Ms. Bingham has reinforced the values of her community and created an integral plan that honors the history, legacy and covenant  of this historic district.

As our congregation explores the themes of freedom and responsibility this month, Ms. Bingham and the McComb-Veazey Coterie provide a wonderful example of a community ensuring their freedom by taking collective responsibility for their neighbors, themselves and generations to come.
The middle child of Northside Lafayette parents and business owners, Tina Shelvin Bingham was fascinated with putting model cars and rockets together which eventually led to her degree in civil engineering from Southern University.  Tina then pursued a master's degree in business with an emphasis on project management - honing tools she uses today as Executive Vice President of the McComb-Veazey Coterie.  She recently received the national American Entrepreneur Leadership Award which is just one of the prestigious accolades awarded her throughout her professional career; a career which includes management roles in Lafayette city government, Habitat for Humanity and the numerous projects and programs developed through her leadership at McComb-Veazy.  
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UULALA 2nd Thursday Movie Night July 11, 2019
Melissa McCarthy plays Lee Israel a frustrated, hard-drinking author who can barely afford to pay her rent or bills in 1990s New York. Desperate for money, Israel soon hatches a scheme to forge letters by famous writers and sell them to bookstores and collectors. When the dealers start to catch on, Lee recruits a dubious friend to help her continue her self-destructive cycle of trickery and deceit.
The UULALA 2nd Thursday Movie Night is hosted by Ann and Mike.  Please come for conversation and snacks at 7:00, movie starts at 7:30:  110 Seville Lafayette, LA