MARCH 03 2019

Monthly Theme:  TRUTH






Please join us this Sunday morning as Fellowship Leader and Past President, William 'Bill' Edwards, challenges us about the the way we align ourselves with labels.

“ 'Progressive' seems to be the term currently preferred by the left today, but I feel I must beg to differ.  I find it too elastic:  'progress' simply means change, in a direction that the rhetorician finds desirable.  


It also seems to contain an assumption that there is some natural gravitation from some ignorant, dark past to a wise, enlightened future.  There may be good changes, bad changes, and uncertain changes that must be critically evaluated."
Please join us this Sunday, March 03,  as we welcome new members to our Fellowship.  And plan to stay after our service for our First Sunday Potluck.  There is always plenty and we invite you to enjoy food and fellowship with us.
Past President and long time member of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Lafayette, William  'Bill' Edwards is retired from the computer science department at the University of Louisiana. Bill also serves as the Historian for the Fellowship and Chair of the Services Committee.
Bill's hobbies include wood working, photography, and films.