Greeting Strangers as Citizens

Please join us this Sunday morning as Rev. Paul Beedle reflects on Astra Taylor’s remarkable film, “What Is Democracy?” and its implications for how to be a good neighbor.

As Unitarian Universalists our Principles can be reduced to 'being a good neighbor'.  We each act in ways that create community in our lives - how do we manifest community in our Fellowship?  What are we doing consistently to be good neighbors in our World?
Please join us after Service on Sunday for our First Sunday Potluck.  If you're able, please bring a dish to share. 
There is always plenty and we look forward to enjoying a meal with you.
Rev. Paul Beedle is the settled minister at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans. 
Rev. Beedle is especially interested in issues of economic and racial justice, and continues to learn from and network with New Orleanians who are involved in activism and organizing in these areas of concern.
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