FEBRUARY 17, 2019



Please join us this Sunday morning as Fellowship leader, and Membership Committee Chairperson, Arlene VanSant, shares her personal story of forgiveness.

Arlene Vansant, originally from Florida, continues to utilize the energy and discipline she developed as a championship high school swimmer in her role as Fellowship Membership Chairperson. She draws on her varied professional career including positions as the Acting President of the Peanut Council  (with President Carter) to  President of the 300 member Granger Corporation Employee Association to build and grow our Fellowship Community.
Not surprisingly, Arlene became an accomplished entrepreneur creating several businesses.  Her current endeavor is a real estate development company that has flourished for more than 40 years. She is one of the first and only female real estate developers in California. At the same time Arlene raised four children, much of the time as a single mother. 
Today, Arlene, although semi-retired, spends part of the year in California managing the development business with her son Ryan, a general contractor. She currently lives in Lafayette with husband, Jeff Case, and their cute dog, Lillie Mae.