JANUARY 13, 2019

Monthly Theme:  GRACE


Please join us this Sunday as Educator Agnes Courville shares her vision for a 100% bully free learning environment in Louisiana schools.  

Agnes has been an educator for 18 yrs in Louisiana and shares the following facts:

- The failed history of Louisiana legal system to deal with school bullying. The Act of 861 anti-bullying law of 2012 in Louisiana
- 75% of school shooters have been bullied.  Schools currently spend 2.7 billion on security that can’t guarantee the safety of the children.
- The use of Corporal punishment in Louisiana public schools.

- Micky Schunick’s murderer, Brandon Scott Lavergne, was bullied as a youth in Eunice, Louisiana schools. This should be a large message that youth bullying problems follow into adulthood.
- The aspect of cyber-bullying.
- Drop-out rate result of bullying
A native of Lyon, France, Agnes Courville moved to Louisiana in 2000. She studied American history and culture and became a US citizen in 2006 while working in a French Immersion school in Lafayette. Subsequently, Agnes obtained her degree in Secondary education and became a certified teacher after graduating from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2007. Agnes realized a lifelong dream to enlighten her students with the French language and culture and, as a result, opened up her student’s minds to expand their world view and possibly their lives.
In 2013, she moved to Opelousas, St Landry Parish, where she is teaching Science and Social Studies at Park Vista Elementary school.
In 2014-15, Agnes Courville was a board member for the Acadiana Pride Festival, and became a board member of Equality Louisiana-EQLA. 
She has tackled cases of bullying in the public schools and champions the civil rights of the LGBT community. As a single mother of a lesbian daughter, she experienced homophobia first hand. 
Since 2014, Agnes is an active volunteer for “Word Crawl” a Fundraiser for Festival of Words, a 12 hour celebration of words that features approximately 50 writers. The Festival of Words project brings established authors teaching hands-on creative writing workshops in St Landry Parish public schools, and has youth performing “Drive-by Poetry”, slam Poetry...
From 2010 to 2012, Agnes was a volunteer for Animal Rescue Foundation of Louisiana, 2013 to 2017, a volunteer for St Landry Parish Animal Rescue.