December 02

Monthly Theme:  PEACE


Join the Congregation on Sunday as Rev. Beedle leads us on a search for truth. 

How do we understand, find the truth of, powers beyond our own that we meet in the world and in ourselves? How do we interpret the world and ourselves so as to be true to both?

Faith is not belief, but moving and being in the world in ways that are true to the values we affirm and strive to live by.
Please join us this Sunday to welcome our new members this month and to recognize all of our new members for 2018.  We'll be awarding the outstanding contributions of new members in our New Member Ceremony.

Sunday, December 02 is also First Sunday Potluck.  Please bring a dish to share after the Service.  
Rev. Paul Beedle is the settled minister at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans.  Prepared for Unitarian Universalist ministry at Union Theological Seminary in New York, Reverend Paul  was ordained in 1999 and came to serve FUUNO in August 2013.
Paul was raised in the Presbyterian Church, and likes to say he was predestined to become a Unitarian Universalist.  He earned a BA in Economics from Cornell University (1983) and an MBA at Washington University in St. Louis (1985) before  pursuing careers in banking, arts administration and retail. He has always been keenly interested in music, history, psychology and religion.
Rev. Beedle is especially interested in issues of economic and racial justice, and continues to learn from and network with New Orleanians who are involved in activism and organizing in these areas of concern.