Monthly Theme:  TRUTH


Please join us this Sunday morning as Fellowship Member Amanda Renee Schuster shares the keys to changing our luck by creating a sustainable future.
As Unitarian Universalists, we promote and affirm a set of seven principles with the 7th Principle asking us to have respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.  How does the 7th Principle manifest in your life?
Fellowship member, Amanda Renee Schuster is a native of Louisiana having grown up in the Fort Polk area and moved to Lafayette five years ago for her husband's job with the railroad.  Amanda describes herself as a 'legit tree hugger', gardener and a maker of art and crafts - especially as part of her business collaboration in Cosmic Bayou Chicks.
Amanda gave up her much loved professional career as a massage therapist and energy worker for her dream job of stay at home Mom.  At one time she considered a career as a meteorologist because she's fascinated by extreme weather - especially tornadoes.  Passionate about the planet, Amanda believes it essential to protect our world for the benefit of future generations.

Amanda and her husband love taking their family on new adventures and meeting and investing in new friendships.  They  believe that friends are the family we choose for ourselves and they love making memories with their children.