Resilience and Remembrance

Our theme for November is Remembrance. From Touchstones: "Memory allows us to reflect on experience and deepen meaning." It can protect us from repeating the same mistake twice, or recall with fondness the memories of a loved one. Remembrance allows us to move forward and reflect. Remembrances can uplift or depress our spirits, but I like the ability to recall joyful experiences the best! -- Scott Ferguson

Rev. Sian Wiltshire shares that her trans niece fears how she will be received in new environments and that it is important for there to be places for trans people to be accepted and supported. If we are kind, we will make an effort to respect other individuals' gender identities and be supportive so they will not have to fear acceptance. Unfortunately, some churches and individuals are intolerant and hostile toward anything other than their views of gender. As this may be perceived as a threat to their world view, their fear may progress to anger, hate, then violence. Today we honor lives taken away from us by people who were threatened by the authenticity of another person. Today we honor last Sunday's Transgender Day of Remembrance. In the sermon video, 32 people who lost their lives within the last year are remembered in a candle-lighting ritual. This will be followed by us conducting one minute of silence in memory of them and 11 trans people murdered in Louisiana between 2018 and 2021. All of them were Black. All of them were trans women. All were under 33 years old. (Source: