Becoming A Volunteer
Bruce Snow

You can benefit from offering your time and talents to a worthy cause. There are different reasons to become a volonteer but all are fulfilling. There are many rewards from helping others:

In addition to the sense of purpose, there is the opportunity to learn new things. In my work at VITA, teaching English as a Second Language, I am constantly discovering fascinating details about my own language.

There is the satisfaction of seeing how you are making a difference in the life of someone or in your community. In working with my students, I have seen their hard work pay off. Strengthening the individual, in turn, strengthens the community.

Some folks may have a desire to "pay it forward" -- to do for someone else what someone had done for them. This can lead of serial reciprocity where the gift of helping may be passed into the future many times.

And another reason is the opportunity to meet and work with interesting people. One of the reasons I enjoy working with ESL students is the opportunity to share our cultures.

Any of these can be strong motivations to seek out an organization that you can help. There are many non-profits that are looking for your help. Or, there are ways that you, as an individual, can assist others. And, today is a good day to start!