The Art Of Stillness

Our theme for January is Renewal. It is said that the one constant in the universe is change. Our bodies renew themselves physically by replacing cells of most organs with new cells. Our minds begin life as empty vessels which grow and change with our life experiences. The elements of which we are made were once created in the hearts of stars which formed from gas and dust -- then exploded -- spreading those elements throughout the universe to come together as beings alive and able to contemplate their own natures and the natures of their universe only to be dispersed again and again in a never-ending cycle of renewal.

Travel writer Pico Iyer observes that two people can have the very same experience yet interpret that experience in totally different ways. One as positive and the other as negative. By practicing 'The Art Of Stillness' you may become better able to share something fresh, creative and joyful with family and friends. He suggests that just the act of sitting still or meditation can not only lead to better health and clearer thinking but also to emotional intelligence