The Replenishment of Wintering: A Solstice Reflection

Our theme for January is Wintering.

Wintering is the process ofnavigating winter, a seasonthat is, in many ways, a time of regeneration. Of course,there is the external season,but there is an internal season that also requires wintering skills. For some, winterpushes them outdoors, whileit pulls others indoors. For both, regeneration is an essential process whether by the exhilaration of downhill skiing or the contentment of drinking hot cocoa in front of a fireplace. (Source: January2023 Touchstones Journal)

Sunday, January 29th Service:

Three practices for wintering proposed by Rev. Dr. Larry Peers based on Catherine May's book 'Wintering the power of rest and retreat in difficult times' are hunkering down, hibernating, and huddling. hunkering down:preparing our space for winter, hibernating: findingthat sleep is not a dead space but a doorway to a different kind of consciousness -- one that is reflective and restorative, and huddling:being attentive to and providing for another's need for wintering and join them inthat process.