Bill Edwards

This Sunday's service includes two presentations.

Bill Edwards will explain the meanings behind each of the food and drink items on a traditional Jewish Passover Seder (ceremonial dinner).

Parents and guardians: Please have your child, grandchild, etc. present for a blessing during Bill's presentation.

Mary Guirard will tell us an Easter story.

Bill's presentation will include an explanation of the Passover meal. If you would like to set a Seder Table at home for the service you will need:
* Parsley or Celery
* Hardboiled Egg
* Shank bone and/or olives
* Horseradish
* Chopped apple and nuts with wine
* Salt water
* Orange or sections
* Matzah
* Wine and /or Grape Juice
* Water
Bill will explain the meaning of each food item during his presentation.