A UU Psychologist’s Take on Mindfulness & Meditation

This upcoming Sunday's Youtube video presentation is titled 'A UU Psychologist's Take on Mindfulness & Meditation' by UU Psychologist Dan Schulte.

Some highlights:

* John Kabat-Zinn defined mindfulness as "Being fully present, without judgement, in the current moment with acceptance of reality".

* Meditation is an exercise that trains our brain to be mindful -- to be more inclined to be present in the moment

* Chronic pain can lead to chronic stress which affects health and can lead to depression and anxiety. Meditation helps to practice mindfulness so that the response to pain does not make things worse when you cannot make them better.

* The Mindfulness Solution: Mindfulness increases tolerance, acceptance, and cognitive flexibility,. It allows discrepancies between our thoughts and emotions, and affords us the ability to accept the possibility that things may not be as they seem (when we rationalize our emotions).

Join us for this enlightening presentation!