Mike's Ballot, to compare with yours:

(For) President: Hillary Clinton D.

(For) U.S. Seniator: Foster Campbell D.

(For) U.S. Represtative: Larry Rader D.

(For) Associate Justice Supreme Court: James "Jimmy" Genovese R.

(No) Amendment 1 - Requires the manner and qualifications of parish registrars of voters be provided by law

(No) Amendment 2 - Allows post-secondary education boards to establish tuitions and fees without legislative approval

(No) Amendment 3 - Makes federal income taxes no longer deductible from state corporate income taxes

(No) Amendment 4 - Exempts from taxes the property of survivors of active duty military and first-responders killed in the line of duty

(??) Amendment 5 - Creates a Trust Fund for mineral and corporate tax revenue restricted to use for construction and transportation infrastructure

(Yes) Amendment 6 - Allows state funds' current balances to pay down projected future deficits

(Yes) PW Library Tax Renewal - 2.91 Mills - PC - 10 Yrs.