Unitarian Church Fellowship of Lafayette, LA, was founded by several university faculty in 1956, starting with 22 members. In 1961 Unitarians became Unitarian Universalists. Our name was officially changed to Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Lafayette, LA in 2001 with the granting of our tax ID.

Early on we met in a small Jewish temple downtown on Thursday nights and later in various homes and other venues. For a couple of years in early 1960 we met in the Odd Fellows Hall near Five Corners. And for a few years after that we rented a house on Johnston street across from the campus (Southwestern Louisiana Institute). Later, in the 60's we rented a larger house on University Ave. across from Martin Hall.

In 1966 we were willed $1,000 which was used as a down payment to buy a house. It was in a residential area, 224 Bellveue St., one block off of University and Congress. The house didn't work out -- problems with parking and neighbor complaints. We eventually rented out the house, but with problems with renters, foundation and miscellaneous repairs, we decided to sell it in 1982. It was listed for quite some time and finally sold in 1984 for $31,500. The buyer stopped making payments in 1986, and he eventually surrendered the house back to the Fellowship. But the bank mortgage remained. We attempted to sell, but the house was left in poor condition by the last renter. We considered trying to pay the mortgage, but ultimately turned the house back to the bank in 1988.

In the mid-80's, we began to meet in various public spaces, twice monthly, and to have music, readings, etc. as well as talks by guest speakers, and to publish a newsletter. Albert D'Orlando, Minister Emeritus, First Unitarian, New Orleans, began visiting us Monthly.

In 2002 started renting space in Jewish Temple on Kaliste Saloom Rd. Since another group held services there Sunday Mornings, we met Sunday afternoons. Instead of going to lunch together, members would go to dinner. The temple had a roomy kitchen which worked well for RE. In 2006 the temple was put up for sale. Since we did not want to buy it, and felt insecure about not knowing its future, we looked for another place to meet.

In 2006 we started meeting at Cite' des Arts, Downtown Lafayette.

In 2013 moved to the Camelia House on Jefferson Blvd.

In 2019 we started renting a small building next to Domino's Pizza on Johnston St. Where as previous venues allow the use of a meeting space for only a few hours on Sundays, we had full use of the building all week at the Johnston St. location.

With the onset of Covid19 in 2020, we closed the building and met on Zoom. In June, 2021, we resumed meeting in person, but have continued to meet over Zoom as well.